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improving the health
and wellbeing of
our children


We are hugely grateful to all our shirt and other sponsors, without whom we could not operate.  Our sponsors are:

Fairview Financial - U17 Royals

Seymour John - U16 Oaks

The Everest - U15 Athletico and U15 United

Nick Griffith Estate Agents - U14 Phantoms and Girls Teams

Cactus Financial Planning - U13 Warriors

Eurolease Business Finance - U12 Broncos, U12 Jets and U12 Raiders

Shopper Intelligence - U11 Ghosts, U11 Gremlins and U11 Spirits

Brave Human Capital Group - U10 Cyclones, U10 Hurricanes and U10 Tornadoes

S&G Finch Flooring - U9 Raiders, U9 Rangers and U9 Rovers

Obsidian Interiors - U8 Academy