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The Prestbury Phantoms Charter

To Be The Best We Can Be!

Prestbury Phantoms AFC (the Club) is a fully inclusive football club and any player who wants to join us is more than welcome and will be made to feel part of the Club.

The club is supporting The FA's Respect Programme to ensure that football can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and positive environment.

Prestbury Phantoms coaches will support, encourage and coach all players to be the best that they can be and to be successful. It is not what you do that determines if you are successful; it is how you do what you do that determines your success.

We do not believe in winning at all costs and our objectives is for our players to have fun, develop as a team and individually. We play as a team and always aim to do our best and try to win games, however, winning a game is not put ahead of the overall enjoyment and involvement of our players in the game.

Playing as a team means:

  • Team mates are friends, not competitors.
  • Coaches are teachers to make you better, not your enemy.
  • Training as an opportunity approached with passion.


  • By having FUN.
  • Having the right ATTITUDE and EFFORT.
  • Demonstrating the correct DISCIPLINE by doing the little things right.


1. TEAM: Football is a team game that depends on people who are unselfish and believe in team work. Every decision that is made will be based on the good of the team rather than the wishes of individuals.

2. ATTITUDE: The attitude each player has is a choice that they make every day and is the single most important element of success.

3. EFFORT: The amount of effort each player exerts is also a choice and it is not limited to talent level. Football is a game that demands an 'all out' effort all the time. As a team and as individuals we must ask the question: AM I DOING MY BEST?

4. SUCCESS: When we act as a team and do all of the above, we will be successful. We define success by "playing to be the best we can be." To be a part of our teams you do not have to win, but you have to do your best. Once you do that, you are successful, no matter what the score is.